COVID-19 Policy

USBGF COVID-19 Policy:

As of August 20th, 2021, the USBGF requirements for all ABT tournaments are as follows:

All attendees, staff, and spectators must be vaccinated. Proof of vaccination is required for entrance. Wearing masks is optional.

Please note that It is possible that these health guidelines may change and we will adjust accordingly.

Many of you have concerns regarding COVID-19.  While at the NY Metro, it’s our intention to make your playing experience as safe as possible.

We will have two attendants at the entrance of the playing room who will be checking vaccination cards and IDs.  Once you have provided them with proof of vaccination and your ID,  you will be given a name tag which you must wear at all times while in the playing room.  It will be the only way for us to recognize that you are fully vaccinated.  Masks are not mandatory but we strongly suggest that you wear them while in the playing room and public areas of the hotel. Hand sanitizing stations will be placed strategically throughout the room.  

We also expect everyone to act responsibly.  

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Best wishes for the new year!