presents the 16th

New York Metropolitan Open

January 5-8, 2023

Lynn Ehrlich, Organizer and Director

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The deadline for pre-registration is
December 23, 2022 postmark

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The New York Metropolitan Open is a sanctioned ABT event.  Only Championship and Intermediate Division players are required to be USBGF members and will be eligible to earn ABT points and compete for the ABT Player of the Year.  The ABT requires a fee of $10 from each player.  Beginner and Advance Beginners Divisions will not be ABT events and are not required to be a member of the USBGF or pay any ABT fees

NOTE: Anyone who is not playing in the main tournament is required to pay a registration fee of $25.00 which will allow them to play in all side events or chouettes taking place Thursday-Sunday.

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  1. Lynn Ehrlich

    NY Metro Covid updates:

    First, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

    As we enter into 2022, Covid is still here! It just refuses to go away.

    It’s very important that you read this post in its entirety.

    I have received many calls, emails and texts from various players having concerns about Covid and what our policies will be at the tournament.

    1. Anyone entering the playing room must be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination along with photo ID before entering the playing room. They will then be given a name tag which must be worn whenever in the playing room.
    2. We have changed the mask requirements as follows: Masks are now mandatory in the main playing room. For those who are not comfortable wearing a mask for so many hours we have arranged to have a separate room where you will be able to play unmasked. However, if your opponent is not comfortable playing with you unmasked, you will be required to play in the main room and wear a mask during that match. (Masks preferred)

    It would also be greatly appreciated if you would get tested before coming to the tournament by any means possible.

    At home antigen rapid tests are available in supermarkets as well as pharmacies. I will have some available at the tournament. If you could purchase at least 1 test to bring with you, that would be great! It’s important that we are mindful of and considerate to our fellow backgammon players. Let’s all work together by being responsible and cooperative.

    Please continue to read below.

    After speaking with someone I have great respect for from the backgammon community, I asked them to help compose the statement below, which they did within minutes of our conversation.

    The success of this tournament in keeping everyone healthy will be critically important to the live backgammon community going forward.  We are generally an aging community, and we must all be in this together, regardless of politics or beliefs.
    Accordingly, if you are feeling at all less than 100% or have even the slightest concern that you may be suffering COVID symptoms (9 kinds of COVID-19 symptoms are still very much possible for anyone infected by the Omicron variant, but fatigue seems to be the most common so far) you must inform us and withdraw from the main playing area.  That being said, you will not be required to forfeit.  YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN HEALTH AND EQUITY.  Arrangements will be made for you to continue playing in your events.
    Our first choice would be to have the match played online. We will provide you with a laptop if you do not have one. We have other possible solutions if need be.

    I hope we have addressed most of your concerns.

    We look forward to seeing you soon!

    Lynn Ehrlich and the NY Metro Staff


  2. Lynn Ehrlich

    If you need a hotel reservation, there are still some rooms available at the Hyatt. Please call me if you’d like to reserve at the special backgammon rate.

    ~Lynn Ehrlich

  3. Brad Mielke

    Had a great time! Thanks for the well-run tourney in a safe environment.

    Is there a place to see all 2022 results?

    1. Lynn Ehrlich

      Hi Brad,

      You can find results at: chicagopoint.com OR complete brackets at USBGF.org

      Glad you enjoyed the tournament.

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