presents the 16th

New York Metropolitan Open

January 5-8, 2023

Lynn Ehrlich, Organizer and Director

Download Entry Form and Brochure [here]

The deadline for pre-registration is
December 23, 2022 postmark

Please join us for an exclusive preview of “Over the Board
Directed by Miki & Yoni Benyamini
Runtime: 41 minutes
The screening will be 5pm Friday January 6th & Saturday January 7th
The documentary was filmed during the 2022 NY Metro Backgammon tournament, the film features the international backgammon community in one of their first post-pandemic tournaments, as well as useful backgammon tips, insights, and stories from the world’s best players.

The New York Metropolitan Open is a sanctioned ABT event.  Only Championship and Intermediate Division players are required to be USBGF members and will be eligible to earn ABT points and compete for the ABT Player of the Year.  The ABT requires a fee of $10 from each player.  Beginner and Advance Beginners Divisions will not be ABT events and are not required to be a member of the USBGF or pay any ABT fees

NOTE: Anyone who is not playing in the main tournament is required to pay a registration fee of $25.00 which will allow them to play in all side events or chouettes taking place Thursday-Sunday.

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11 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Meninder Purewal Reply

    Hello, I would like to play in the beginner tournament. I played in 2018. Unclear how to register via the brochure.

    1. Lynn+Ehrlich Reply

      You need to print the brochure and fill out the registration form and mail with your payment or deposit. You will also be able to pay online using PayPal in about 10 days.

  2. Nick Briglia Reply

    Hi Lynn. Hope you are well. If I just want to pay the 25 dollar registration fee and play some of the side events, is that also paid by the deadline or can that be paid at the tournament?


    1. Lynn Ehrlich Reply

      Hi Nick – Nice to hear from you. I am well and hope you are too. No need to pre-register for side events. Just show up. Please note that we only accept cash at the tournament. Looking forward to seeing you.

  3. Ben Elliott Reply

    Are entrants required to pay a $10 fee PLUS a $25 Registration fee?

    1. Lynn Ehrlich Reply

      If you are playing in the championship or intermediate tournament, you are obligated to pay a $10 ABT fee plus your entry fee. There is no registration fee involved.

  4. BJ Lewis Reply

    Hi Lynn, I have never played in any competitive backgammon tournament. I do very good vs the advanced expert computer format.I would like to get involved, what do you recommend I do?

    1. Lynn Ehrlich Reply

      Hi BJ –
      It’s difficult to determine what your level of play is having never seen you play before. I can’t give you a simple answer. I’d like to ask you a few questions which might help. If you’d like, call me at 408-529-6769.
      Thank you,

  5. Ben Elliott Reply

    Are all players required to pay a $10 fee plus a $25 Registration Fee even though they are members of the USBG?

  6. Lawrence Kristopher Reply

    Hi Lynn,
    I also have never played in any professional Backgammon tournaments. Do Pretty well playing with friends, as well as the on-line apps. I am open to all suggestions and recommendations to ease my way into the world of Tournaments.
    Lawrence Kristopher

    1. nymetrowebmaster Reply

      Hi Lawrence, it is difficult to determine your skill level – a phone call would be best. Please call me at 408-529-6769

      Lynn Ehrlich

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